Spreading Love, Light, and Vibes on the Road!

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Luminous Mas is the newest section out for NYC Labor Day Parade! Debuting in 2019 with our first presentation in the West Indian Day Parade, Luminous Mas aims to deliver a fresh take on carnival.

Band leaders Danica and Nadissa are two passionate carnival lovers who are driven by exclusivity, inclusiveness, and absolutely love creating the magic of Mas and the spirit of carnival. Luminous Mas exudes the beauty and vibes of carnival with an emphasis on gorgeous, well-crafted costumes.

We want every one of our #LuminousFam masqueraders to feel like royalty when wearing one of our hand mthatade pieces. Everything we do is with love and it is our mission to bring  love to you! Whether it is your absolute first time playing mas or the 100th time, we value our dedication to the masquerader!

We look forward to beginning this illuminating journey with you and many more carnivals to come!

In Light and Love,

Danica & Nadissa

Welcome to Luminous Mas!